Assets Diversification

  • June 21, 2016

As part of our risk-hedging strategy, Goshen Acquisitions has been busy over the last 4 years, sourcing for some of the most viable land-banking, investment opportunities in different parts of our beautiful country. From Konza and Imbuko in Central and South Kajiado County respectively, to Nanyuki in Laikipia and Kekopey in Nakuru County. Our portfolio footprint is wide. Guided mostly by the equity and capital-gains potential of these locations, we have also created a robust hedge against the localized political, socio-economic and land policy risks that are inherent with land transactions in Kenya. We take very seriously, your need for your investment’s security and survivable succession. Goshen Acquisitions retains ad-infinitum, a minimum of 10% of all our sites.