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Introduction: Are you a Kenyan living abroad? Are you considering investing in land back home? Safeguard your interests by understanding the intricacies of the land […]
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In land transactions, a surveyor plays a vital role in confirming the accuracy of the information on the property for sale.  For the buyer, the […]
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In the first part, we dove into Land Control Boards (LCB), their purpose, why they exist and some of the tasks they perform. Today, we […]
In this article, we explain the concept of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and its significance for individuals involved in property transactions. CGT is a relatively […]
The Land Control Board, often referred to as LCB, is an oversight body established by the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning office. Its primary […]
Investing in land can yield substantial profits. Strategic interventions play a crucial role in enhancing property value before a sale. In this carousel, we’ll explore […]
Determining whether the asking price of land in Kenya is fair or too high can be daunting, especially in areas with little data or well-defined […]
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When it comes to transferring property ownership in Kenya, there are several important documents that need to be considered. These completion documents are crucial for […]
Introduction: When it comes to buying land, due diligence is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Whether you are purchasing land from an […]
Are you a foreigner interested in owning land in Kenya? You may be wondering about the legalities and regulations surrounding land ownership for non-Kenyans. In […]
In recent years, there has been much speculation and confusion surrounding the topic of land ownership for foreigners in Kenya. With the promulgation of the […]
In Kenya, the concept of land ownership has evolved over time, with significant changes occurring in recent years. This article aims to shed light on […]
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As a young person, the time you have is your greatest asset. It’s the one thing you have that you can’t get back. Once it […]
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The word ‘beacon’ is commonly used in Kenya to refer to a mark on the ground at the point where boundaries change direction. In other […]
Photo of #GrandAcresBazara session with Solomon Wangwe and #SautiSol's Chimano, Polycarp and Bien
If we were to divide all the land on earth equally between all living people, how much land would each person get?
Photo of #GrandAcresBazara session with Solomon Wangwe and #SautiSol's Chimano, Polycarp and Bien
The second episode of GrandAcres Baraza is up! Today’s discussion is about the power of pulling together resources with other like-minded individuals to build wealth. […]
Photo of #GrandAcresBazara session with Solomon Wangwe and #SautiSol's Savara, Chimano, Polycarp and Bien
The first episode of GrandAcres Baraza with #SautiSol is up! We are so very excited to share this series with you. It has a wide […]
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Did you know that your land sale agreement must be registered? Do you wonder why it's recommended to hire a surveyor as part of due diligence? Read more in part 3 of our due diligence series.
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Learning about the value of land, as we have heard in previous episodes, can happen at any age. Sometimes, what we see as something only […]
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In Part 1,  we highlighted the three main steps to completing the due diligence process for a land purchase. This post will dive a little deeper into those steps to give you additional information to consider.
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One of the questions we get asked often is, “what does one do when they are still young and can’t manage a land purchase on […]
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The second episode of our Land Ownership Journey series with #SautiSol is up! If you missed the first one you can catch it here. There […]
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We have learned from our experiences, that buying land is a journey. This journey does not begin at the point when a person decides to […]
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We have a winner for the “LIVE THE EXPERIENCE: Buy A Plot, Win A Polo” campaign and raffle.
Imbuko plots
On a clear day you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Chyulu Hills. It is a beautiful piece of our #Homeland Kenya.
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What does it mean to all of us as owners, future buyers and sellers of land in Kenya?
#LiveTheExperience #BuyAPlotWinAPolo Campaign
Our raffle is still on. We have extended it to April 24th 2021
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We have news we’re excited to share with you!
Ministry of Lands website
The Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning has issued a list of private valuers they have approved to conduct valuation for stamp duty.
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People often fear investing in property because of the many horror stories they have seen, heard or read about. Doing your due diligence exhaustively, will save you from those bad experiences and losses.