Chimano of #SautiSol sharing his experience with land ownership

We have learned from our experiences, that buying land is a journey. This journey does not begin at the point when a person decides to buy land, it begins with their “why”, which is largely influenced by their life experiences. Most often, the observations made from childhood will inform our land buying impulses, even subconsciously.

The “why”, informs the purpose for the land being purchased. We often ask our customers what the purpose is for the land they are buying. Is it a long term or short term investment? Are they looking to build a home? If so, will it be their primary or secondary residence? Is it to build rental property? Are they looking to farm, and what kind of farming exactly? If they want to farm, is it just for their family or for commercial purposes?

How one answers these questions determines how much land is needed. It also helps to narrow down on which locations one should consider, which automatically informs their budget.

We asked members of our favourite Kenyan Band, Sauti Sol, to share their individual land ownership journeys. How they came to appreciate the value of land ownership, and why they buy.

Today we start with Chimano. Share widely and subscribe to our channel on YouTube to catch the rest of the episodes.

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