Savara of #SautiSol sharing his experience with land ownership

One of the questions we get asked often is, “what does one do when they are still young and can’t manage a land purchase on their own?” Our answer is, you don’t have to do it on your own. There is great strength in numbers. It is better to have 10% of something, than a 100% of nothing. Create or join a group of like-minded people to start investing together — this is how Goshen Acquisitions LTD got started. Chamas are a great way to build wealth, provided that you have proper structures for governance in place. Save together, invest together, to grow together.

Saccos are also a great way to leverage your savings, so that you are able to do more, with what you have in hand now.

In our third episode, Savara of #SautiSol talks about the lessons he learned from both his parents; 1. Saving is important, and 2. Buy land while still young. Listen below:

The right time to buy land will always be NOW. Once you identify your purpose, act on it. If you cannot do it alone, find a group of like-minded individuals that will walk the journey with you.

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