Value Creation Capital Growth

  • June 21, 2016

Once our legal ownership of these primly located sites is successfully secured, a meticulous plan is drawn, paying due respect to all land-use and fragmentation laws and policies, with the chief goal of offering maximum return on investment to our valued customers. For instance, as a matter of principle, we allocate no less than 12 meters in width for all our properties’ access roads. This is a whole 3 meters, over and above what is required by law for freehold properties such as ours. Incontestable property boundaries are then established by planting 10-inch diameter by 6-foot long, steel re-enforced concrete beacons, on the corners of each sub-divided plot of land.

Other amenities such as water, electricity and fencing for security are then undertaken where feasible and financially prudent. We thoughtfully make each one these interventions to deepen the layers of desirability and monetary value for our customers, historically yielding average equity gains of 30% to 35% per annum as a bare minimum.