Aerial view of the dam at AcaciaCove property

Enjoy the best of
 City & Country life at AcaciaCove, Nanyuki.


Tucked away in the heart of Kariunga, just twenty minutes from Nanyuki town, these half-acre parcels are idyllic, with breathtaking views of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Range.

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Customer Testimonials

They accorded us the privilege to serve them and we are grateful.
Here is what they have to say…

Thank you @goshenacquisitions team. Still elated and grateful. I am back to the grind so that I can come back for another lot in 2023.


Olive N.

Imbuko III

Your customer service was amazing. It pushed us from just thinking about purchasing land to actually fast tracking and taking the necessary steps to buy the land. The team is very responsive and communicative which gave us confidence as first time buyers. We felt quite at ease throughout the process. We would recommend them all day everyday.

Tuesday & Amy Rose

Imbuko III

Thank you so much @goshenacquisitions for the smooth, quick and stress-free process. To anyone who wants to buy land, @grandacres is your go-to company. Their customer care is top notch!!

Christine C

Imbuko III

The feeling is je ne sais quoi….
Land is a segment of Almighty’s territory in the universe and when a fragment of land is deeded to you, and you stroll over it, and label it your own, it seems as if you had come into alliance with the first freeholder of the planet

Elijah K.

Imbuko III

You have done a great job of being transparent and very detailed with the information you’ve published which is very useful for first time buyers.

Joan O.

Imbuko III

Buying land in Kenya has always been something we wanted to do. @goshenacquisitions have given us a great service from start to finish. We had clear communication throughout the process. It was a smooth and joyful experience. Thank You so much, may God Bless you Mightily!

David & Joyce

Imbuko III

I have seen God and Justice through you and this process. I would never have owned land in Kenya through purchase because I was avoiding all the drama that surrounds purchasing of land in some cases. Thank you for delivering the titles and documents with such fanfare!!!

Ps. Angie Murenga

Imbuko III

It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for making the dream to own land in Kenya come true. Looking forward to many opportunities to work with this amazing and efficient team

Miriam N.

Imbuko III

The most recent content from our YouTube Channel

Interview on Spice FM

MD Solomon Wangwe was live on Spice FM having a candid conversation about all things land and answering questions from the listeners.
Enjoy the FULL conversation!

Planners & Surveyors

We sat down with Ms Jane Manasseh (a registered urban planner) and Mr Chris Osore (a licensed architect) for a candid conversation on master planning.

Master Planning

You have heard us say that our AcaciaCove project in Nanyuki is professionally Masterplanned by Award-Winning Architects. What does this mean? Why is a professional master plan critical?


What value addition should you look for when buying land and why? Why are amenities important?

What is a Trust?

How do you ensure safe passage of your properties to your children? Lets find out with Caroline Mutoko – Africa’s most respected brand storyteller and Adnan Khan – Partner – ALN Kenya – Anjarwalla & Khanna.

Hear from our customers and friends…

Olive Nkirote

We are privileged to have made Olive Nkirote’s dream to #OwnLandInKenya come true! She is young, vibrant and with big dreams.  We wish you all the best in your next steps, Olive!

Rose Munyiva Muiu

Hear a little bit about how we got started. Rose has been a mentor and friend throughout this journey since our first encounter many years ago.

Pete & Christine Odera

Listen to Pete and Christine Odera speak on their purchasing experience with Goshen Acquisitions LTD and the things that made a difference. 

Joram Mwinamo

Joram shares a little on his site visit experience, the land he ended up purchasing and why he hadn’t purchased with anyone else.

Caroline Waiyaki

Caroline Waiyaki is an advocate that has acted for Goshen Acquisitions LTD on several transactions. She was pleasantly surprised by our signature 6-foot beacons. Yes, they are real!

Charles Righa

From observer to investor. Charles is a lawyer/musician. Hear him speak about his first encounter with Goshen Acquisitions LTD, and how that lead to owning his first plot.

Ichungwa Gichuki

Ichungwa is an avid land investor. His approach is very cautious. Listen to him speak about how Goshen Acquisitions LTD demystifies the experience.

Joseph Waithaka

The typical experience when buying land while living abroad can be quite unpalatable. We at Goshen endeavour to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for your peace of mind. As Joseph discovered, it can be a pleasant experience.

Mwangi ‘Mwarv’ Kirubi

From the scenic views to the 6-foot beacons, all our images are true representations of our properties on the ground. Mwangi, or Mwarv as we call him, is the photographer behind every shot. We are blessed to have him with us, to help us capture the journey.