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We Only Sell What We Own

We are a Kenyan real estate investment and trading company, committed to creating prosperity for all our customers through principled, savvy and strategic investments in our homeland. To date, Goshen Acquisitions has successfully bought and sold over 790 Acres of primly located raw land across the country.

Secure and accountable passage of real property is guaranteed, because we only sell what we wholly own. Coupled with clear and open processes, our goal is to focus on creating genuine equity and wealth for our clientele.

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Integrity & Transparency

The real-estate sector in Kenya has long been plagued by poor policy creation, communication and enforcement. Corruption by public officers, along with fraud perpetrated by both the private citizen and public officers, further compounds these problems causing investor jitteriness and a general mistrust for the so-called ‘system’.

We at Goshen Acquisitions, distinguish ourselves in the sector by applying integrity and transparency in all our transactions. We see these as value differentiators and the standard of quality that our customers deserve as the bare minimum in the sector.

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Fresh approach to land transacting

In 2014, I co-invested in Emali & Imbuko plots with Goshen Acquisitions. The staff took me through a simplified and demystified sales process and constantly kept me updated on all aspects of the acquisition process. I found Goshen Acquisition staff very approachable and accommodating especially as I asked a multitude of land acquisition related questions.

Ichungwa Gichuki — Partner, Allen Africa

Hear from our customers and friends...

Simon Mwangi – The benefits of buying directly from the owner

Simon is an IT professional running his own operation in Nairobi and an avid investor. Hear from him as he speaks about his experience with Goshen Acquisitions LTD

Charles Righa – From observer to investor

Charles is a lawyer/musician. Hear him speak about his first encounter with Goshen Acquisitions LTD, and how that lead to owning his first plot.

Capital Edge LLP – Why we made our purchase

Capital Edge LLP is an investment group, listen to them talk about why they decided to purchase from Goshen Acquisitions LDT

Joram Mwinamo – Glad to have made the purchases

At the time of this video shoot, it had been three years since Joram had purchased his land from Goshen Acquisitions LTD. In this clip he speaks about the growth in value and developments around his purchases.

Joram Mwinamo – The site visit experience

Joram shares a little on the experience he had during the site visit, the land he ended up purchasing and why he hadn't purchased in anyone else.

Joram Mwinamo – Avoiding the fads

Joram made his first land purchases ever with Goshen Acquisitions LTD. Listen to him as he discusses is investment ethos and why he finally went decided to get into the land investments with us.

Ichungwa Gichuki – Why Goshen Acquisitions LTD?

Ichungwa discusses the two types of investments that he has done with Goshen Acquisitions LTD and his overall experience.

Ichungwa Gichuki – Goshen demystifies the experience

Ichungwa is an avid land investor. His approach is very cautious. Listen to him speak about his experience with Goshen Acquisitions LTD.

Caroline Waiyaki — Learning a lot

We like for our investors to understand the value that they're getting, so we share as much information as possible on the locations that we select.

Interview With Christine & Pete Odera

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Joseph Waithaka — Past experiences vs Goshen Acquisitions LTD

The typical experience when buying land while living abroad can be quite unpalatable. We at Goshen endeavor to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for your peace of mind. As Joseph discovered, it can be a pleasant experience.

Mwangi ‘Mwarv’ Kirubi — No Getty images here!

From the scenic views to the 6 foot beacons, all our images are true representations of our properties on the ground. Mwangi, or Mwarv as we call him, is the photographer behind every shot. We are blessed to have him with us, to help us capture the journey.

Caroline Waiyaki — Easy to find beacons

Caroline Waiyaki is an advocate that has acted for Goshen Acquisitions LTD on several transactions. She was pleasantly surprised by our signature 6 foot beacons. Yes, they are real!

Rose Munyiva Muiu – The beginning of Goshen Acquisitions LTD

Hear a little bit about how we got started. Rose has been a mentor and friend throughout this journey since our first encounter many years ago.