Goshen Acquisitions LTD is a Kenyan real estate investment and trading company registered in February of 2012. We have since endeavoured to make savvy and strategic investments in pre-developed raw land, in specific regions of Kenya that are slated to experience some development of either the private or public kind. This pioneering approach has enabled us to provide our customers with consistently robust, short and medium-term capital and equity gains, created by the up-surge in property values which are driven by increase in demand due to the developments.

Unlike property agents or brokers, we only sell land that we wholly own, thereby ensuring the safe and accountable passage of real property and wealth to our valued customers. We at Goshen Acquisitions are guided by an unwavering belief that the legal integrity of our transactions must be founded on irreproachable moral integrity. We have no tolerance for corruption and take no shortcuts in the due processes necessary for your secure land ownership.

Not agents.
Not brokers.
We only sell what we own.


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We are committed to creating
prosperity for all our customers…

… through principled, savvy and strategic investments in our homeland. To date, Goshen Acquisitions has successfully bought and sold over 900 Acres of primly located raw land across the country.

Secure and accountable passage of real property is guaranteed, because we only sell what we wholly own. Coupled with clear and open processes, our goal is to focus on creating genuine equity and wealth for our clientele.

Hear from our customers and friends…

Olive Nkirote

We are privileged to have made Olive Nkirote’s dream to #OwnLandInKenya come true! She is young, vibrant and with big dreams.   We wish you all the best in your next steps, Olive!

Pete & Christine Odera

Listen to Pete and Christine Odera speak on their purchasing experience with Goshen Acquisitions LTD and the things that made a difference. 

Joram Mwinamo

Joram shares a little on his site visit experience, the land he ended up purchasing and why he hadn’t purchased with anyone else.

Rose Munyiva Muiu

Hear a little bit about how we got started. Rose has been a mentor and friend throughout this journey since our first encounter many years ago.

Caroline Waiyaki

Caroline Waiyaki is an advocate that has acted for Goshen Acquisitions LTD on several transactions. She was pleasantly surprised by our signature 6-foot beacons. Yes, they are real!

Charles Righa

From observer to investor. Charles is a lawyer/musician. Hear him speak about his first encounter with Goshen Acquisitions LTD, and how that lead to owning his first plot.

Ichungwa Gichuki

Ichungwa is an avid land investor. His approach is very cautious. Listen to him speak about how Goshen Acquisitions LTD demystifies the experience.

Joseph Waithaka

The typical experience when buying land while living abroad can be quite unpalatable. We at Goshen endeavour to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for your peace of mind. As Joseph discovered, it can be a pleasant experience.

Mwangi ‘Mwarv’ Kirubi

From the scenic views to the 6-foot beacons, all our images are true representations of our properties on the ground. Mwangi, or Mwarv as we call him, is the photographer behind every shot. We are blessed to have him with us, to help us capture the journey.