“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” 

— Mark Twain, Writer

Land is a finite resource, this makes land ownership a great form of investment. The process of owning land can be daunting. However, once acquired, the returns are great, especially if you buy land in an area that is expected to experience expanding demand in years ahead.   

Here are the 5 things to consider and think through before you buy:  

#1: Have a clear investment goal 
You need to be clear on the reason for buying a piece of land. This clarity helps to guide your decisions.

  • If your goal is to accumulate assets, look for land in areas that you may want to settle in someday.
  • If your goal is to grow your savings, look for land that is not on the beaten path. Meaning, don’t get land that is not in a well-planned area.
  • If your goal is to have passive income, look for land in a place that is populated, where there is a need for rental units, either residential or commercial. Building rentals will also give you a quicker return on your investment.
  • If your goal is to make a long term investment, then you can buy land that you are not in a hurry to put into use. It can be off the beaten path in places where there isn’t a great amount of development. 

#2: Decide how much you want to spend
It is critical to determine how much you want to invest because it determines where you can buy. For example, buying a piece of land within Nairobi will cost you more per acre than buying land in a non-metropolitan area. Buying land also means tying up cash for a significant amount of time. The land is not an asset you can liquidate on short notice. Therefore, consider getting a piece of land that will not put too much pressure on your finances. 

 #3: Would you like utility services in place?
Depending on your end goal, the land you buy may need to have utilities already installed. The most basic are water, sewer, and electricity. Utilities play an important role in an area’s development as well as the land’s value appreciation.

Our intimately located scheme of plots tucked away in the Kariunga area of Nanyuki, going for Ksh. 2.99M only per half-acre. This is an aerial shot showing the dam and ongoing fencing work and the Loldaiga Hills are in the background. It’s beautiful, come join us at Acacia Cove.

 #4: Be clear on the duration of your ownership 
Think about how long you want to hold the land. If your goal is to grow your savings, it is important to buy in an area that will be attractive to buyers in the future when you plan to exit. For example, when you buy a piece of land that is near a proposed development, you are likely to get higher returns and a quicker exit. 

 #5: Make a plan to do a physical site visit
You must see any piece of land you intend to buy. This enables you to get familiar with the place and your potential neighbours. A site visit assures you that you are buying land that exists. Many people lose their money by paying for non-existent land. Site visits are an important part of the land buying process.

Our Value Proposition:
As a Kenyan real estate investment and trading company serving investors since 2012, we endeavour to make savvy and strategic investments in pre-developed raw land in specific regions of Kenya. Unlike property agents or brokers, we only sell land that we wholly own, thereby ensuring the safe and accountable passage of real property and wealth to our valued customers.

We provide our customers with consistently robust, short and medium-term capital and equity gains, created by the upsurge in property values which are driven by an increase in demand due to the developments.

We at Goshen Acquisitions are guided by an unwavering belief that the legal integrity of our transactions must be founded on irreproachable moral integrity. We have no tolerance for corruption and take no shortcuts in the due processes necessary for your secure land ownership.

Goshen Acquisitions Ltd. 

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