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In land transactions, a surveyor plays a vital role in confirming the accuracy of the information on the property for sale. 

For the buyer, the primary responsibility of a surveyor is to validate the dimensions and location of the land for sale. Discrepancies between the size specified in the title deed and the actual measurements on the ground are not uncommon. 

For the seller, a licensed surveyor can help to prepare teh property for sale. They can assist in locating the original beacons and ensure they’re in their correct positions. If the land has no beacons, they can install the beacons.

Working with a licensed surveyor ensures their credibility and adherence to professional standards. Unlicensed surveyors may lack the necessary knowledge, leading to inaccurate measurements and potentially fraudulent practices. Therefore, it is essential to verify their licence number to ensure their legitimacy.

Opting for a local surveyor familiar with the area enhances the efficiency of the land transaction. Local surveyors possess valuable insights into the community and the property’s history, which can be instrumental in assessing the land’s value and potential. It facilitates a smoother process and a more accurate assessment of the land.

A good rapport with the surveyor is also vital. With a good working relationship, concerns or queries to be addressed promptly. A surveyor who patiently answers questions and makes an effort to understand the client’s needs can significantly improve the overall experience of the land transaction.

By enlisting a licensed surveyor, investors can make informed decisions and navigate the land acquisition/selling process with greater assurance. 

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