Photo of #GrandAcresBazara session with Solomon Wangwe and #SautiSol's Savara, Chimano, Polycarp and Bien

As a young person, the time you have is your greatest asset. It’s the one thing you have that you can’t get back. Once it passes, that is it. Use it wisely.

Our sixth episode of the GrandAcres Baraza series is up. The discussion is on the value of time. The compounding gains over time just can’t be matched. Whether your investment is in learning a skill, acquiring knowledge or for capital growth.

This is the final episode of our debut season of GrandAcres Baraza. We hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe and stay tuned. If you’ve learned something useful, then share it with a friend or two.

There are 6 episodes in total, if you missed the first 5, use the links below.

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3. Pass on Knowledge Before Inheritance.

4. Due Diligence is Your Friend.

5. Start Planting Where You Are. Challenges Are Global.

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